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Welcome to Modest Fashion Festival – a unique and innovative international platform showcasing luxurious and contemporary Modest Fashion brands from across the world. With fashion as an expression of one’s individuality, particular style and values, our platform provides a fresh and inspirational perspective which excites, informs and celebrates the Modest dresser. Through the medium of fashion, we aim to empower the Modest dresser to exercise their right to choose, the confidence to explore, and the determination to succeed.

We will be hosting multiple events on an international scale across Europe, the Middle East and Asia over the next 18 months. The first leg of the Festival will begin in London, followed by Dubai and Doha.


Modest Fashion Festival provides an international platform for the Modest Fashion revolution across the world.

Our objectives are:

Firstly, to champion the permanent presence of Modest Fashion in the mainstream fashion industry so as to bring recognition to a rapidly growing global demographic of consumers not previously adequately catered for;

Secondly, to present a diverse array of aspirational Modest Fashion options to Modest dressers from diverse backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, and allow them to connect with established and emerging contemporary luxury Modest Fashion brands;

Thirdly, to expand the Modest Fashion consumer base by illustrating that it is not exclusive to those of particular religious and cultural identities, but can be enjoyed by all;

Fourthly, to support, celebrate and empower the inherent rights of all women to make their own choices, sartorial or otherwise, free from external interference and without the need to justify;

Fifthly, to break archetypes and pre-conceived notions of the Modest dresser and instead to recognise and celebrate their achievements, and to empower and inspire others to combine Substance with Style.

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